Meet a Matador: Gavin Kermode (Class of 1998)

Meet a Matador: Gavin Kermode

By Miramonte Parents Club Communications team

Meet Miramonte's 3D-Art Teacher and Visual & Performing Arts Department Chair, Gavin Kermode

My wife Natalia and I have three children. Our daughters, Reese and Cora, are 9 and 5, and they go to Del Rey. Our son Hunter is 3 and goes to a Spanish immersion preschool. They all love our two boxers, Chief and Leetah. 

I grew up in Orinda and attended Miramonte (Class of '98), moved to Oakland, where I graduated from California College of Arts and Crafts (now CCA) and lived for 17 years. As our family expanded and we wanted more space, we moved back through the tunnel. I've taught at MHS going on 20 years. I started teaching right out of college. My teacher at Miramonte (and the person who encouraged me to go to art school), Rick Frudden, had been diagnosed with brain cancer, and the principal at the time asked if I would fill in for Rick as he went through treatments. Out of love and passion for the 3D Art program and what it did for me as a student, it was an easy decision to step into the role of teacher. Plus, it's such a unique program and environment that I couldn't imagine someone else picking up the reins.

Click here to learn about Mr. Kermode's piece entitled Alluring Brim, which is currently featured in The De Young Open 2023, how Reese's Honey Glazed Salmon came to be named (the recipe is included!), and who was behind his inspiration to be a teacher.


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